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Problems with the nuget package

Feb 8, 2015 at 9:37 PM

1) First, when I create a brand new project (VS 2013 Premium) there is not "Build Action" called Kernel. If I close the solution and open it again, then it appears. I actually only need to unload/reload the project.

So that's not a big issue.

2) Once I get it to actually build the cs file the demo code doesn't work and I have to rewrite it to make it work:
            var kernel = new Kernel.doSomething(env.Context);
            kernel.Compile(string.Format("-cl-opt-disable -g -s \"{0}\"", Kernel.Kernel_Source.OriginalKernelPath));

            var kernelRun = kernel.Run(env.CommandQueues[0], a, b, 100, 10f, ArrayLength);
   var kernel = new Kernal.doSomething(env.Context);
            kernel.Compile();//string.Format("-cl-opt-disable -g -s \"{0}\"", kernel.KernelSource.OriginalKernelPath));          
            var kernelRun = kernel.EnqueueRun(env.CommandQueues[0], a, b, 100, 10f, ArrayLength);
3) It would be awesome if the cs file was located with the cl file... AND if it was included in the project. As it stands, VS complains that it doesn't recognize the auto-generated classes (but it compiles fine). There's a lot of red in the editor. If the files were linked, we'd get proper code completion...