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Failing tests

Feb 8, 2015 at 8:20 PM
Hi, I just downloaded the source of OpenCL and two tests fail. It seems that you're making an assumption that's not correct on all platforms;

Kernels aren't sorted the way you expect them to be on my machine, this from ProgramAndKernelTests:
Assert.AreEqual("add_array", Cl.GetKernelInfo(kernels[0], KernelInfo.FunctionName, out error).ToString());
                Assert.AreEqual("sub_array", Cl.GetKernelInfo(kernels[1], KernelInfo.FunctionName, out error).ToString());
Gives this error

String lengths are both 9. Strings differ at index 0.
Expected: "add_array"
But was: "sub_array"

The test AddArrayAddsCorrectly fails for the same reason, it's adding when it wants to subtract!